Old Oak Primary School

Old Oak Primary School Parent Voice

Maria. M
Sunday 25th of September 2022
Thanks a lot to all the Old Oak staff, for your outstanding and dedicated work with Leo. You have all been amazing, your care and education have been wonderful and sparked an unstoppable curiosity in Leo. Also, we are really grateful for the flexibility supported by the management during this year. Imperial
Sunday 25th of September 2022
Nursery is brilliant, Teddy is coming on lovely. Staff are all lovely and do an absolute brilliant job. Very happy Teddy is apart of this nursery.
Sandra Sigudu
Sunday 25th of September 2022
Amazing, kind and caring staff, keep up the good work. Aidan, loves coming to the nursery and i am so happy with how much he is thriving. Thank you all so much Imperial
Maria Moreno
Sunday 25th of September 2022
The are amazing, really caring and proactive. They are always doing activities and my baby is so happy to come every morning. Imperial
Umar Javed
Sunday 25th of September 2022
Zayd really enjoys nursery, the staff are amazing and helpful. We have seen a real improvement in Zayd's development.
Sunday 25th of September 2022
Amazing Imperial nursery, love this place! And most of all my son is happy, clean and safe here.
Bochra Sbai
Sunday 17th of April 2022
I was very fortunate to find a place for my child at old oak. My son is very happy at school, so impressed with his development in his learning. The staff are amazing! Thank you all for making Old Oak the school it is today
B Yilgin
Monday 31st of January 2022
I really like this school because everyone is nice, kind and generous. It is really easy to make friends because everybody is friendly.
Sara M.
Wednesday 15th of December 2021
Old Oak is a wonderful place to be. Everyone gets treated the same. All the children are filled with kindness. Teachers have warm hearts and are very joyful.
Wednesday 15th of December 2021
Old Oak is an amazing school and that lets children be creative and inspires them to be themselves. I've had an amazing experience with this school and hope others come to Old Oak.
Tuesday 14th of December 2021
We are very happy with Old Oak Primary School and are proud that our child is part of this school. Thanks to the school and the teachers for all the support and encouragement given. Tattva loves her time at nursery and looks forward to it everyday. We feel that she is progressing well and has a very strong bond with Mrs. Smart and all the teachers. Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and support to shape her personality and bringing out the best in her. Highly recommended.
Mrs. Gavilan Trigo
Friday 26th of November 2021
The team at Little oaks have been wonderful from our first day! We love that they plan activities each day and encourage parents with home reading. The team are kind and caring. We would love to know more about the next stages of nursery and also how we can take advantage of the private side to the nursery to help full-time working parents return to work.
Friday 26th of November 2021
I am extremely happy with the staff, especially Maryam, Tatiana and Serena. They have gone out of their way to met my babies needs. They are always open to suggestions and are helpful. They really care about the kids and the environment is lovely. My baby loves his nursery!
Sunday 21st of November 2021
Chiara started nursery at Imperial college in October. Her settling was challenging especially as she is in her Terrible 2's phase and we just welcomed a little boy in our family. Chantelle and Serena have been absolutely amazing since day 1, making every possible effort to welcome Chiara, care for her, help her settle and enjoy various nursery activities. I could not be happier.
Sunday 21st of November 2021
My daughter started few months ago and fell in love with everyone. I noticed how quickly she started learning with her new teachers (songs, numbers, dance, language) her confidence has grown and she has made plenty of friends and has amazing relationships with all her teachers. Staff have always been there for me when i needed advice on parenting or any general concern i had.
Sunday 21st of November 2021
Really happy with the nursery staff, they are very friendly, helpful and informative. Keyana-Rose has learned so much since she has started, her speech is a lot better, she is saying more words and speaks in sentences. I like that they do loads of different activities with the children especially the cooking.
Lillian MAHER
Sunday 21st of November 2021
Friendly staff. Helped Lila- Blue to settle in so well.
Charmaine HEHOLT
Sunday 21st of November 2021
Very happy with the staff and how helpful and consistent they are- especially during the first few weeks due to how unsettled Shae was. Shae's confidence has improved and she is now happy and comfortable at nursery which wouldn't have been possible without the staff. Everyone is really kind and very supportive. Thankyou